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Paging Resources


1 Oconee County 864 885-5598, 864 880-0000
2 Anderson County 864 231-1888
3 Greenville County 864 257-6800
4 Cherokee County 864 258-6800
5 Spartanburg County 864 579-6600, 864 273-6800
6 Greenwood  864 953-0201

Special instructions for programming your alpha paging software, when dialing into the alpha modems your modem setting should be 300 or 1200 Baud, 7, even and 1.  For Toll Free Numbers the pager Id should be 827 plus the last 4 digits of the toll free number.

Email Access:

Emails can be sent to your pager, each Totalcom page includes an Email address, as an example 5551212@totalpaging.com.  Only use the last 7 digits please do not use 864 or other NPA code.

Total Paging also offers an SNPP gateway, the address is SNPP:totalcom.dyndns.org:444
444 is the Internet port for your software to send to our gateway. Only use the last 7 digits for the pager ID please do not use 864 or other NPA code.





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Send a text message to any TotalCom pager by entering the 7-digit number, type a message, and click button.